I am certified by the State Of Arkansas
(License # 07-498) to teach Concealed Handgun Carry
Classes to be eligible for a Arkansas Concealed
Handgun License.

AR CHL and Training Classes (Handgun, Rifle, and
Shotgun) have begun. Private classes are available.
Feel free to call for information about the class and to
have your name added to the list of people in your
area for classes.

This is a comprehensive CH
CL class. Topics covered:
Handgun Safety, AR CHCL Laws, Application,
Handgun Types, Caliber & Cartridges, Different
Methods of CCW (IWB,OWB, SOB, AIWB,Purse,
Ankle, etc: their strong & weak points),  & Qualification.

I am willing to travel to do a CH
CL or Training Class
class in your area. I require a group of 10 or more
people to put on a class. For Training Classes all that
is needed is a private range (No interruptions or others
shooters present). For CH
CL classes I will need a
place to host the classroom portion and a range to
qualify on. The host will receive their class FREE for
organizing the class. (This includes collecting or
arranging prepayment of fees for attendees.)

CL Classes are 8 hrs long. Price is $100.00
per person.
All Training Classes are 8 hours long Price is $100.00
per person.

"Our government cannot regulate the actions of
criminals, thus preventing them from committing violent
acts, but they can regulate you to prevent you from
carrying a concealed weapon to protect yourself. "

What is wrong with that picture??
Federal , State,
and NRA
Certified Pistol
Arkansas Concealed Handgun License Classes
Training and AR
CHL Classes are
in full swing.
Call or e-mail for
location and